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Kitchen Cabinets - Glossary Of Terms - Rec to She

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Reinforcing Rail

A piece of wood placed on the front edge of a shelf or underneath the shelf in order to give it additional strength.

kitchen cabinet reveal

Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is a continuous string of small wattage light bulbs. Rope lighting can be used as under cabinet lighting, room accent lighting on the tops of wall cabinets or interior cabinet lighting.

Under Cabinet Lighting

rope lighting

Rope Molding

Rope molding is a molding that has been made to look like a rope. Rope molding is usually flat on one side to allow or convenient installation on flat surfaces such as cabinet doors and as an addition to crown molding.

rope molding

Rosette (cabinet hardware)

A rosette may be a decorative plate which sits behind a drawer or door knob or pull.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

rosette for under kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls

Rosette (molding)

A rosette can be a small piece of wood, plastic or composite material used to decorate cabinet doors, drawers and corners.

kitchen cabinet wood rosette




RTF (Rigid Thermo Foil)

RTF is a type of laminate commonly used for cabinet doors and drawer fronts. It is also used as a veneer to refinish older cabinets. RTF can be purchased with a self adhesive backing.

RTF - rigid thermo foil

Scribe Molding

Scribe molding is a thin piece of lumber with the same basic finish as the kitchen cabinets. The molding is generally used where cabinets meet walls and cover any discrepancies and gaps in the fit and alignment against the wall.

kitchen cabinet scribe molding

Semi-Concealed Hinge

Semi-concealed hinge is a hinge where very little of the hinge is showing when the cabinet door is in the closed position.


kitchen cabinet semi-concealed hinge

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi custom cabinets are in between stock and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets must be purchased in the sizes and configurations that are mass manufactured. No deviations are allowed. Custom cabinets are made to meet the homeowners specific requirements to size, color and any options required. Semi-custom cabinets offer some options in custom sizes.

Kitchen Cabinet Guide

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Shelf Pins

When cabinet shelves are adjustable one of the methods used is to place a number of holes in the sides of the cabinet that will accept pins that a shelf can rest on. Pins can be made of wood, metal or plastic.

kitchen cabinet shelf pin


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