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Cree Announces Commercial Availability of New 5mm Round Amber LEDs

New Family of High-Brightness LEDs Deliver Wider Viewing Angles for Transportation Signage

Cree 5mm round 150 leds

Cree, Inc., a market leader in LED lighting, announces the commercial availability of its new 5mm round amber LEDs for transportation signage. This new line of high-brightness LEDs features minimum viewing angles of either 15-degrees or 30-degrees and is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the global transportation signage markets.

The 15-degree (C503B-AAS-015) high-brightness LEDs offer a minimum intensity of 12,000 mcd. The 30-degree (C503B-ACS-030) high-brightness LEDs offer a minimum intensity of 5,860 mcd.

Cree Launches New Screen Master® 4mm LEDs with Industry’s Widest Viewing Angle

Red, Green and Blue Oval LEDs Optimized for the Outdoor Video Screen Market

Cree 4mm oval 150 leds

Cree, Inc., a market leader in LED lighting, announces commercial availability of the new C4SMK family of red, green and blue 4mm oval LEDs. These additions to the Screen Master® Cree LED series deliver the widest viewing angles available in the market today along with tightly-matched radiation patterns for video screen applications.

"Just as in lighting, Cree is once again setting the standard of performance for the industry with the new C4SMK Screen Master LED series," said Paul Thieken, Cree, director of marketing, LED Components. "These new high brightness LEDs can enable video screen manufacturers to deliver an even better viewing experience for their customers."

The blue and green C4SMK 4mm LEDs offer a viewing angle of 115° in the horizontal axis and 65° in the vertical axis, while the red C4SMK 4mm LED has a viewing angle of 110° in the horizontal axis and 60° in the vertical axis, as is customary in the industry.

New LED Module Product Line Brings Cree TrueWhite™ Technology to Lighting Manufacturers

Cree Module Makes LED Lighting Design Faster and Easier

LMR4 LED lamp

Cree, Inc. introduces a new class of products designed to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting by traditional lighting fixture manufacturers and speed time-to-market for their new LED-based fixtures. With this new line of LED module products, Cree customers will now have access to Cree’s award-winning TrueWhite™ technology allowing them to deliver efficient, high-quality light in a compact, easy-to-use product.

The first product in the new line is the Cree LED Module LMR4, created to overcome common design issues manufacturers have faced when trying to incorporate LED solutions into their lighting fixtures.

"Cree customers now have access to our industry-proven TrueWhite technology, allowing them to quickly deliver better products to the market, faster," said Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and chief executive officer. "Cree TrueWhite™ technology is already installed in thousands of locations including restaurants, retail stores, and others that demand both high-quality light and energy-efficiency."

The Cree LED Module LMR4 uniquely integrates driver electronics, optics and primary thermal management, making the compact Cree module drop-in-ready. Designed to last 35,000 hours while consuming just 12 watts of power, it delivers 700 lumens at a warm-white color temperature of 2700 with a CRI >90. Fixture manufacturers have the option to include a specially designed heat sink to accommodate specific high-heat applications, like downlights for insulated ceilings.

The LMR4 (120V) is UL recognized and the LMR4 (230V) complies with multiple international standards. Fixture makers seeking ENERGY STAR® qualification will have access to specification and performance data, including LM-80 reports, which can speed regulatory approvals.

"We’ve never seen or worked with any LED product as simple as the Cree LED Module," said Miroslav Masar, OMS, LED Department director. "We anticipate our new downlight will be available in summer 2010—and that’s less than six months from when we started working with prototypes of the module. In a fast-paced industry like lighting, this is a keen advantage for us."

Cree LEDs Light Up Dallas American Airlines Center Video Screens

High Definition Video Screens Enhance the Fan Experience

Cree lamps at American Airline Center

Cree, Inc., a market leader in LED lighting, announces that its high brightness LEDs are used in Lighthouse Technologies’ high definition video screens installed this season in the American Airlines Center, the Dallas home to both the NBA’s Mavericks and NHL’s Stars. Cree’s versatile 3-in-1 high-brightness LEDs are delivering crystal-clear, high definition images to fans throughout the arena.

In addition to hosting thousands of NBA and NHL fans, the American Airlines Center also features numerous concerts and live entertainment throughout the year. Opened nearly 10 years ago and seating up to 20,000, the installation of 25 Lighthouse LED video screens is part of a large-scale technological renovation project at the arena. This includes the first 1080x1920 high-definition video screen in any NBA or NHL facility. Overall, the new digital screens will increase video visibility throughout the facility, providing spectators with dramatic instant replays, important scoring information and dynamic ad content in vivid color and ultra-sharp detail.

"Cree’s Screen Master® high-brightness LEDs provide excellent quality and performance, helping Lighthouse Technologies deliver vibrant color and crisp detail," said Paul Thieken, Cree director of marketing, LED components. "Sports fans and concert attendees alike are sure to appreciate the stunning views, on-screen statistics and high-resolution action offered by the state-of-the-art Lighthouse video screens."

"Cree’s broad product portfolio of LEDs featuring high-intensity output and wide viewing angles were the optimal solution for all the video screens, including the 4mm high resolution, high definition video screens Lighthouse designed for the American Airlines Center," said Ed Whitaker, Lighthouse Technologies North American Sales Director.

The arena’s core display consists of four Lighthouse LED screens, each producing high-quality, superior-focus images to keep basketball and hockey fans front and center with all the action, and providing advertising screens on the top and bottom sections of the screen. At each end of the arena, two stadium-sized video screens have been installed, each three times larger than the previous monitors.


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