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Headquartered in Norfolk, Nebraska, USA, MP Global Products L.L.C. is an innovator and a leader in the manufacture of third-party certified eco-friendly quality underlayment for the flooring industry. The company offers both off-the-shelf and custom products using natural and synthetic fibers.


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FiberBacker™ is the first underlayment for tile, porcelain and natural stone to earn 3rd party Indoor Advantage Gold Certification

MP Global Products, an innovative leader in the manufacture of underlayment for the flooring industry, has announced that FiberBacker™, by MP Global Products L.L.C, has earned Indoor Advantage Gold certification from Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), the organization’s highest level of indoor environmental quality certification and the most stringent indoor air quality certification in the United States. It is the first underlayment for ceramic and porcelain floors to do so.

The seal from SCS requires conformance with limits for 80 different volatile anic chemicals (VOCs) and is intended to insure that individual occupants/ overall exposure to any one of these chemicals does not exceed levels pre-determined as within safe limits by the USBCO LEED criteria, Collaborative for High Performance School (CHPS), and the State of California 01350 Special Environmental Requirements. Products that meet this independent rigorous and unbiased laboratory-based verification of environmental attributes can meet requirements for just about any installation where air safety and air quality are considerations.

An eco-friendly performance-enhancing underlayment for ceramic tile, porcelain or natural stone floors, FiberBacker smoothes out minor subfloor imperfections, insulates the transfer of noise between floors and, when used with ceramic flooring, suppresses lateral cracks up to 1/4” from transferring from the subfloor to the tile above. Yet at 0.10 inch thick, FiberBacker adds only minimal thickness to the total flooring installation.

FiberBacker is also certified by SCS to have 100% pre-consumer recycled textiles (waste that might otherwise end up as landfill), which can help project owners with the overall percentage of pre-consumer content for LEED certification in the Materials and Resources category. And the product sells at a budget-friendly price point. That makes FiberBacker an ideal underlayment for schools, government buildings, hospitals and other facilities where indoor air quality is an important consideration.

FiberBacker adds an insulating R-value of .50 to the floor system, acting as a thermal "break" to the flooring assembly that helps keep floors warm in the winter and cool in the summer. FiberBacker’s randomly air laid filaments create a three dimensional matrix, a capillary effect that helps cushion the floor and absorb impact sound.

Odorless and free of VOCs and liquid adhesives, FiberBacker is approved for installation over 3/4 inch tongue-and-groove plywood or oriented strand board interior subfloors and over radiant heating for floors. MP Global Products’ high-temperature manufacturing process kills bacteria and fungus, while a USA EPA registered anti-microbial additive inhibits mold growth and helps prevent dust-mite colonies from developing, making it hypo-allergenic.

"MP Global is committed to providing the best combination of innovative technology and eco-friendly practices," says Kelly Kennedy, National Sales Manager at MP Global Products. "We manufacture our products for performance with the environment in mind."

FiberBacker’s exceptional performance attributes make it an ideal floor underlayment for tile, porcelain and natural stone floors in budget-conscious projects aiming to fulfill green initiatives. It is available from MP Global Products L.L.C. in 3 foot wide (100 square feet) rolls and 6 foot wide (360 square foot) rolls.

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