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LENOX began in 1915 with a 10 employee team and a passion for bringing customers hacksaw blades that cut faster and lasted longer. Now, more than 95 years later, our passion hasn’t changed—but our team has grown to more than 900 people who manufacture and market the LENOX products in more than 70 countries. Our ISO 9001-certified facility in East Longmeadow, Mass., boasts a 500,000 square ft., 11 acre space for designing, testing and manufacturing power tool accessories, hand tools, band saw blades and accessories. LENOX is part of Newell Rubbermaid’s global portfolio of leading brands.

LENOX Fleam Ground Reciprocating Blades Cut Faster, Cleaner

Specialty Blade Ideal for Fast Cuts in Wood

LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, and band saw blades, announces the introduction of LENOX Fleam Ground Reciprocating Saw Blades. The blades incorporate fleam ground technology with a bi-metal blade to create a blade ideally suited to cutting nail-free wood more quickly. A fleam ground blade has two cutting edges per tooth instead of just one, so the blade cuts on both the push stroke and the back stroke, leading to significantly faster and cleaner cutting.

Lenox Fleam Ground Recip 6 in Blade

High-moisture wood or wood with binding agents or glue can impede the performance of standard blades. To solve this problem, the wider gullets on the LENOX Fleam Ground Blades remove cut material more effectively and the cutting edges remain clear of dust and debris.

The LENOX Fleam Ground reciprocating saw blades are available in 6” and 9” lengths and in a version with a tapered plunge cutting tip for faster, cleaner drywall cutting. The blades are available at Lowe’s stores and distributors nationwide.

LENOX® Offers New Soft Storage Tool Bags

Storage bags provide organization, durability and comfort

Lenox soft storage tool bags

LENOX® has announced a new line of Soft Storage Tool Bags for tradesmen to store and organize their hand tools, power tool accessories and torches.

"Tradesmen have told us that they need a better way to store their tools on the job. They want a bag with more room, that’s strong enough to hold multiple tools and can stand up to vigorous use," said Lisa Koliopoulos, associate product manager, LENOX. "LENOX has been developing and supplying the best tools to users for years, and now we’re fulfilling an industry need for better tool storage solutions. Our bags help tradesmen get organized and get working."

Each LENOX Soft Storage Tool Bag is designed with a variety of pockets that provide multiple ways to arrange and store tools for enhanced organization. Made to last with durable materials, the bags were tested to hold two times their weight limit. The bags were engineered to endure abrasive use and extreme conditions on the jobsite, with reinforced rivets and water-resistant bottoms.

LENOX is offering four Soft Storage Tool Bags:

  • The Electrician’s Tote has eight interior pockets, 12 external pockets, five open storage areas and 16 elastic loops. It includes a tape measuring clip, key clip, tape holder loop and small parts bin. A clip-on handle allows the tote to be hung anywhere.
  • The Bucket Tool Organizer has 22 exterior pockets and 12 internal pockets. It includes a hammer loop, tape-holder loop and side clips.
  • The Plumber’s Tote has nine exterior pockets, 14 interior pockets and 10 elastic loops. It includes a hacksaw pocket, tape measuring clip and tape holder loop.
  • The Contractor’s Tool Bag has a large open mouth and 14 interior pockets. It includes hammer loop and small parts bin.

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LENOX® Completes Full Line of Hacksaw Frames

Two new hacksaw frames offer high performance

Lenox hacksaw frames 1512 and 2012

LENOX, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools and band saw blades, has introduced two new medium-tension hacksaw frames complete with T2 blades that deliver longer blade life and a superior cutting experience. These new additions complete the full line of LENOX frames, establishing LENOX as a best-in-class supplier of both hacksaw frames and blades.

For contractors who want a lighter saw, the LENOX Compact Hacksaw 2012 features a lightweight aluminum beam that tensions to 20,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). It features an ergonomic and durable aluminum handle to provide a confident and comfortable grip. Additionally, users can mount the blade at a 45-degree angle for flush cutting applications.

The LENOX Adjustable Hacksaw 1512 has an adjustable aluminum beam that tensions to 15,000 PSI, features a rubberized grip to enable confident handling, and accommodates 10"and 12" hacksaw blades. For added value the saw ships with a 12" blade installed.

All LENOX hacksaw frames include a blade with T2 Technology, making LENOX hacksaw blades the top performer in the marketplace. Optimized tooth geometry, long-proven bi-metal expertise and T2 Technology result in longer blade life and faster cutting in a variety of metal materials.

Lenox hacksaw frame 1512

Lenox hacksaw frame 2012

"The LENOX range of high-, medium- and low-tension hacksaw frames helps trade professionals do what is most important—cut faster and straighter—while offering a dramatically longer blade life than any other hacksaw frame on the market," said Matt Savarino, product manager at LENOX.

The full family of LENOX hacksaw frames includes: the LENOX High-Tension HT50 (50,000 PSI), LENOX Low Profile 5012 (40,000 PSI), LENOX Lightweight 88300 (30,000 PSI), LENOX Compact Hacksaw 2012 (20,000 PSI) and LENOX Adjustable Hacksaw 1512 (15,000 PSI).

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LENOX® Launches Bi-Metal SPEED SLOT® Hole Saw Mini Kit

Compact kit helps contractors easily store, organize and transport multiple hole saws on the jobsite

Lenox Speed Slot mini kit held in someone's hand Lenox Speed Slot mini kit open

LENOX now offers its patented Bi-Metal SPEED SLOT Hole Saw in a Mini Kit. The ultra-compact, all-inclusive kit helps make storing, organizing, and transporting multiple hole saws on jobsites easier and more convenient than ever before.

The SPEED SLOT Hole Saw Mini Kit’s space-saving design fits into any sized tool bag or bucket, making it easy to transport on the job. The kit’s portability allows workers to make fewer trips back to the truck, helping to increase productivity.

Although small in size at 9" x 5 ¼" x 3 ½", the efficiently designed Mini Kit holds as many as six hole saws, ranging in size from 7/8" up to 2 11/16" in diameter. Three customized Mini Kits—Electrician’s Kit, Plumber’s Kit and Contractor’s Kit—contain the hole saws most commonly used by professional tradesmen, plus a 2L and a 5L Snap-Back™ arbor. A hard-sided case, robust metal latch and sleek design offer extreme durability.

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New LENOX® BI-METAL SELF-FEED BIT Is Tougher than Nails

LENOX is the only manufacturer on the market offering a full-line of bi-metal drill bits

Bi-Metal self feed drill bit

LENOX® has launched the new LENOX Bi-Metal Self-Feed Bit. The bit’s bi-metal construction provides the strength to endure often catastrophic nail encounters when drilling through wood.

The Bi-Metal Self-Feed Bit has a high-speed steel cutting edge and screw tip that make it able to stay sharper longer. The chamfered edges and flutes help remove excess wood chips while drilling and make it easy to remove the bit from the hole after drilling. LENOX Bi-Metal technology helps the bit last two times longer than previous models, offering best-in-class performance.

"We understand that tools are a long-term investment for tradesmen. They expect their tools to get the job done right and to last a long time; they count on their tools to not only work great, but to endure. We deliver on those expectations," said Lee Wilkins, director of product management for LENOX. "Tests have proven that the LENOX Bi-Metal Self-Feed Bit lasts longer, cuts stronger and is more durable. This bit has the longest life, even when encountering nails."

Bi-Metal self feed operating

Bi-metal self feed long drill bit

The Bi-Metal Self-Feed Bit completes the only full bi-metal product line family on the market. Other products in the line include the Bi-Metal Ship Auger Bit and the Bi-Metal Utility Bit.

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LENOX® Introduces the SPEED SLOT™ Hole Saw

Patent pending design makes plug ejection fast and easy

lenox hole saw

LENOX® announces the introduction of the LENOX Bi-Metal SPEED SLOT Hole Saw. Removing the cut plug is one of the biggest frustrations that tradesmen experience when using a hole saw. The new Speed Slot design offers fast and easy plug ejection and longer life when cutting holes in wood and metal.

The patent pending design of the LENOX SPEED SLOT Hole Saw features a staircase slot for easy plug removal. The slot is wider than most and is placed low on the saw with multiple leverage points to easily eject the plug with a standard screwdriver. The SPEED SLOT also removes saw dust and chips while cutting to further prevent the plug from getting stuck in the saw. The new design also increases the height of the saw by 10 percent – allowing for quick cuts and plug removal when cutting lumber.

The SPEED SLOT Hole Saw provides up to twice the life as the previous model for both metal and wood cutting. The enhanced tooth form, thin kerf design, and advanced coating make cutting more efficient by removing material faster and therefore generating less heat while cutting. The design improvements in these new hole saws will save time and increase productivity on the job.

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