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Deck Staining Made Easy

New SHUR-LINE Stain Pad with Groove Tool Solves Common Deck Staining Frustrations

Shur-Line stain pad

Each year, Canadians need to maintain their decks. And staining decks can be a monotonous task. Applying stain between the boards can be particularly tedious and time consuming, not to mention how tough it is on knees and backs.

To help, SHUR-LINE created the Stain Pad with Groove Tool, the first pad in the industry to stain flat surfaces and in between boards at the same time.

The Stain Pad with Groove Tool’s patent-pending design features a pivoting handle that allows the user to engage the groove tool. Simply flip the pivoting handle to engage the groove tool. When the groove tool is retracted the user can also stain flat surfaces such as fences or concrete patios.

Designed with a wrapped edge for durability, the pad prevents ripping due to rough wood and exposed screw and nail heads. The handle is threaded to fit most standard extension poles, allowing the user to stand up comfortably while staining between boards - no more bending over to stain hard-to-reach areas between boards with a brush.

SHUR-LINE groove pad

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