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Diablo’s premium brand of cutting tools and abrasives are specifically designed for the contractor and remodeler to provide superior performance while withstanding the most extreme conditions. Diablo products are manufactured in the world’s most technology-advanced facilities to consistently provide high-quality results every time; saving you time and money.

Diablo specializes in circular saw blades, reciprocating blades, sand paper, bonded abrasives, router bits and forstner bits... so no matter what job or results you need, Diablo has a specialized solution that is guaranteed to give the best performance.


New 7-1/4” x 24 Tooth Framing Saw Blade

Diablo Steel 7-1/4” x 24 Tooth Framing Saw Blade

Professional contractors are often challenged to increase productivity while reducing total costs. Diablo’s next generation 7-1/4” 24T Framing Blade with new Tracking Point™ Tooth design delivers maximum life and durability with effortless cutting performance. Up Your Cutting Game with this one-of-a-kind Tracking Point™ tooth grind for unmatched cutting performance and efficiency. This is the only 7-1/4” blade on the market to include Tracking Point™ Tooth design. It is ideal for framers, roofers, remodelers, concrete formers or anyone cutting pressure treated wood, 2x lumber, plywood, hardwoods & softwoods.

  • Tracking Point™ tooth design provides straight cuts & controls carbide wear for up to 5x longer cutting life vs other blades and 2X the durability in nail-embedded wood.

Diablo Steel 7-1/4” x 24 Tooth Framing Saw Blade Application 2
  • Tracking Point™ tooth design also delivers cutting efficiency in corded and cordless saws with 65% more cuts per battery charge in cordless saws versus other blades.

  • Newly Enhanced Anti-Vibration design provides the ideal combination of stability and rigidity.

  • Perma-Shield Non-stick coating resists heat, gumming and corrosion.

  • Laser-Cut Thin kerf for less resistance and greater cutting efficiency.

Job Site Metal Cutting – No Sparks, No Heat, No Burrs

Diablo Steel Demon Circular Saw Blades Last Up To 3 Times Longer

Diablo Steel Demon Cermet II Carbide Circular Saw Blade - 8in., 42 Tooth, For Ferrous Metals, Model# D0842CF

Mississauga, ON – Construction sites are full of metal materials that frequently need to be cut quickly. But cutting construction metals is very hard on saw blades and often requires additional time to remove burrs left on the cut material. Diablo’s new Steel Demon circular saw blades are specially designed to maximize cutting life and speed while providing cool, burr-free cuts. With new carbide technology advancements, cutting life up to three times longer than standard carbide blades can be achieved when cutting steel studs, steel pipe, steel sheet, angle iron, EMT conduit, rebar and other ferrous construction materials.

Diablo’s next generation Cermet II carbide teeth are attached to the blade using a three metal brazing system for extreme impact durability. In addition to lasting up to three times longer than standard carbide teeth, they last 120 times longer than abrasive discs, the most common alternate method to cut job site steel.

Laser-cut stabilizer vents trap noise and vibration, and the non-stick Perma-SHIELD® alloy coating protect the blade against heat, providing cool, spark-free, accurate cuts and extending blade life. The triple chip metal cutting grind on each tooth improves cutting speed and durability and delivers burr-free cuts, eliminating the step of removing burrs from cut metals.

Available in three sizes (8” 42T, 12” 60T, and 14” 72T).

Faster, Lower Cost Flooring Installations

Diablo Pergo Blades Last 75 Times Longer

Mississauga, ON – One of the major factors related to installing laminate flooring is the expense incurred due to the performance of saw blades. As blades wear out, they can cause tear-out in the flooring, and cuts take longer. Then, when the blade is fully worn, costs are incurred for multiple blade changes in a single job. Professional installers need a saw blade that cuts fast and lasts a long time.

Diablo laminate circular saw blade

The new Diablo Pergo Blades are the first blades specially designed for cutting all makes of laminate flooring in a miter saw application. In fact, this blade is the only approved blade by the Pergo brand for cutting their material. Laminate flooring contains aluminum oxide, which is extremely abrasive to carbide blades. Diablo’s specially formulated carbide tip is resistant to aluminum oxide, allowing the radical new design to deliver 75 times the cutting life compared to other carbide-tipped saw blades.

The Diablo Pergo Blades provide this extended cutting life because of a number of features, including polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tipped teeth, Triple Chip Grind (TCG) tooth design, and low tooth count with anti-kickback design. The anti-vibration design provides smooth, effortless cuts and the perma-SHIELD non-stick coating combats drag.

The Diablo Pergo blades are ideal for a wide array of flooring materials including laminate, hardwood, engineered flooring, wood and bamboo. Available in two sizes (10”, 12”) at specialty tool retailers.

For a brief video that demonstrates the Diablo Pergo blades versus competitive products, please visit http://www.diablotools.com/Pergoblade

Cutting holes. Cutting time.

Over 30 sizes of saws, just one mandrel

Mississauga, ON – Convenience, speed and versatility are critically important for professionals and DIY’ers. Diablo’s new high performance hole saws deliver faster cutting performance along with increased productivity.

Diablo Hole Saw 60mm cutting depth

When cutting holes through thicker materials, often multiple passes are required as standard hole saws do not have the depth needed. The new hole saws from Diablo provide ultimate cutting length to bore deeper holes in a single pass. Notably, the 60 mm (2 3/8 in) cutting depth makes it easy to drill doors and 2 X 4’s in a single pass. And the Diablo hole saws are extremely versatile, drilling through wood, plastic, aluminum and metal.

Diablo Hole Saws

Diablo’s hole saws increase productivity with the Snap-Lock™ mandrel system for quick and easy hole saw mounting with less down time. Unlike other systems, the one-size fits all mandrel works with all Diablo hole saws, saving time since users only need to change the saw, not the mandrel. And the Snap-Lock™ system can easily be adapted to other brands. The variable tooth design of the saws provides a smoother cut with less vibration, and the perma shield coating reduces heat and friction. Productivity is also increased with tool-free plug ejection for fast material removal.

Available in thirty sizes ranging from 5/8 inch to 6 inches in diameter.

Cutting Metal Just Got Way Easier and Faster

New Diablo Steel Demon Blades for Metal Last Longer, Reduce Effort

Mississauga, ON – Cutting metal has always been a challenge for many trade professionals, including plumbers and gas fitters. The process is slow and tiresome and wears out equipment quickly, forcing higher costs into each job.


The new Diablo Steel Demon Carbide Tipped reciprocating blades for metal are the first ever carbide tipped blade designed for extreme metal cutting. Now, a broad spectrum of metals including high strength alloys, cast iron, black iron and stainless steel can be sliced through quickly and easily. The carbide tipped blade delivers a cutting life that is 20 times longer than standard bi-metal blades in extreme thick metal cutting applications between 3/16” and ½”.

A number of features contribute to the performance of the new blades. For example, the 1” oversized blade body provides straighter cuts with less vibration. The blades are covered in a Perma-SHIELD non-stick coating that reduces friction and heat, thereby extending the life of the blade. Also, the carbide tips are attached to the blade with a bonding process that provides extreme impact resistance.

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Diablo Steel Demon Carbide tipped blades for metal are available in 4”, 6” and 9” lengths depending on the model.

Diablo steel demon reciprocating blade in use

For a brief video that demonstrates the performance and features of the blade, please visit http://www.diablotools.com/products/product/DS0408CF#sthash.uskLlWRL.dpuf and click on the tab called “Watch the Video”.

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