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Legrand/Pass & Seymour, a leading provider of electrical wiring devices and home systems, has been recognized by Professional Builder magazine for producing one of the 100 Best New Products for 2009, an award which recognizes the most significant products introduced each year. The Residential Wall Box Sensors, vacancy- and occupancy-based lighting controls, earned this distinction.

Resi Wall Box Sensor

Editors based their choices on technological advancement, significant product improvement, new product line introduction and increasing the competition of a product line.

The Residential Wall Box Sensors conserve energy and are ideal for stairways, hallways, large spaces, garages and bathrooms. They feature fixed time delays, eliminating the need for end-user adjustments. Those who desire more flexibility can benefit from user-adjustable time delay and ambient light sensing in a 3-way compatible model. All models have 180-degree, 600-square-foot coverage and an LED indicator light provides visibility in darkened rooms.

"The wall box sensors represent just one solution that helps people contribute to a greener environment through the use of energy-efficient lighting controls," said Keith Falkenberg, lighting controls product manager at Legrand/Pass & Seymour. "With the endless variety of products introduced each year, having the editors rank one of ours among the 100 best is a great honor."


Legrand/Pass & Seymour, a leading provider of electrical wiring devices and home systems, announces an expanded selection of Screwless Wall Plates designed to fit toggle switches and duplex receptacles. The smooth, no-visible-fasteners look comes in a range of stylish colors and finishes, for a flawless design that installs quickly and easily.

With Toggle and Duplex Screwless Wall Plates, remodelers and builders can give a clean, contemporary look to the two most common types of electrical receptacles and switches in a house. Match furniture, floors and cabinets with a variety of colors.

The durable, flexible construction and 2-piece, non-conductive polycarbonate subplate speed installation. There's no device removal needed - just loosen the device mounting screws, and the subplate clicks together around them.

"Our design provides an elegant, unblemished finish, with no dirt-catching channel around the plate's perimeter," said Keith Falkenberg, product manager at Legrand/Pass & Seymour. "The wall plates are an excellent value and a great upgrade to any room."

The Toggle Screwless Wall plates are available in one-, two, three-, and four-gang plates, and Duplex Screwless Wall Plates are available in one- and two-gang plates.


Pass & Seymour/Legrand (P&S), a leading provider of electrical wiring devices and home systems, has been named the platinum award winner in the 2009 Electrical Construction & Maintenance Product of the Year competition. P&S earned the top honor with its Tamper-Resistant Nightlight/GFCI, a device that combines a Tamper-Resistant Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with a LED nightlight and meets the 2008 NEC® standards for child electrical safety.

The LED nightlight, which is cool to the touch and has a 20-year life expectancy, is sealed with a durable Lexan lens. A photocell illuminates the nightlight in the dark and automatically shuts it off during the day for energy efficiency.

The device installs like a regular GFCI receptacle, but it features a built-in shutter system that prevents children from inserting objects into the socket and making contact with electrically live components. P&S added an additional receptacle to the design for greater functionality.

"We received customer feedback that dual receptacles are preferred in bathrooms and kitchens," said Bill Timmons, P&S marketing manager-residential products. "To provide for the second receptacle, we had to make the LED smaller while still ensuring it emitted the proper amount of illumination. I’m not aware of another product like it, and winning this award is a tremendous honor."

Established in 2000, EC&M’s Product of the Year competition honors excellence in new electrical product development, showcasing the most innovative products of the previous year. Winning products enable electrical professionals to complete jobs more efficiently and effectively.

P&S also won the platinum award in 2004 for its Trademaster Decorator Combination Devices.

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