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Pass & Seymour/Legrand, a leading manufacturer of electrical wiring devices and home systems, announces its Tamper-Resistant Receptacle/Switch Combination devices. Meeting 2008 National Electrical Code® (NEC) safety standards, the combination devices expand what is already a broad offering of Tamper-Resistant Receptacles for residential and commercial applications.

The 2008 NEC established a new standard for child electrical safety, requiring all electrical outlets, or receptacles, in newly constructed residential units to be Tamper-Resistant Receptacles.

Tamper-Resistant Receptacle works like any electrical outlet, except it has a built-in shutter system that prevents children from inserting metal objects into the slots. The shutters obstruct objects from touching electrically live components, but plugs can be inserted and removed as usual.

The Tamper-Resistant Receptacle-Switch Combination brings a single receptacle and a single-pole switch together, for safety and convenience. The devices come in 15A and 20A options.

"P&S already offers more than 100 Tamper-Resistant device, style and color combinations," said Tom Roy, residential product manager at P&S. "The addition of these receptacle and toggle switch combinations represents another significant step toward offering the broadest range of Tamper-Resistant products on the market."

Nearly 30 states and municipalities have adopted the new Tamper-Resistant Code requirements, and most can be expected to adopt them by the end of 2009.


screwless wall plates

Pass & Seymour/Legrand (P&S), a leading provider of electrical wiring devices and home systems, announces an elegant new selection of Screwless Wall Plates. The smooth, no-visible-fasteners look of P&S’s solid-color offering is combined with a range of stylish finishes, for a flawless design that installs quickly and easily.

With P&S Decorative Finish Screwless Wall Plates, remodelers and builders can choose from today’s hottest styles. Match furniture, floors and cabinets with the look of rich wood, or choose from exciting metallic finishes to match fixtures, appliances and decorative accent pieces.

The durable, flexible construction conforms to uneven drywall, and a 2-piece, non-conductive polycarbonate subplate speeds installation. There’s no device removal needed – just loosen the device mounting screws, and the subplate clicks together around them.

"Our design provides an elegant, unblemished finish, with no dirt-catching channel around the plate’s perimeter," said Keith Falkenberg, product manager at P&S. "The wall plates are an excellent value and a great upgrade to any room."

The Decorative Finish Screwless Wall Plates are available in Decorator one-, two-, three- and four-gang plates. Colors include brushed nickel, brushed copper, stainless steel, brushed brass, brushed bronze, walnut, maple and mahogany.


dual dimmer switch

Pass & Seymour/Legrand (P&S), a leading manufacturer of electrical wiring devices and home systems, announces the addition of three new products to its LS Series of lighting and fan speed controls. The new products include the Decorator Slide Dual Dimmer, Decorator Preset Dimmer with Independent Switch, and the Preset Single Pole 3-way Dual Fan Speed/Dimmer.

The LS Series Dual Dimmer features two 300-watt, single pole, slide-to-off dimmers and installs in a single gang box. The Preset Dimmer with Independent Switch comes with single pole/3-way preset dimmer and single pole/3-way switch functions. The Dual Fan Speed/Dimmer combines a single pole/3-way preset dimmer and a single pole/3-way preset de-hummer fan speed control.

preset dimmer with independent switch

All of the new controls feature an optional locator light by installing a Trade Master Snap-In Light Module. The dimmers do not de-rate when ganged, with no break away fins. This offers more convenient installation for contractors.

"The new lighting controls continue to strengthen P&S as a provider of quality wall box dimmers, timers and sensors for the electrical contractor, builder, and owner," said Mike Piraino, lighting controls market development manager for P&S.

"We’re especially proud of the fact that P&S continues to introduce innovative green control products that are meeting customers desire to reduce demand and save energy."

All new dimmers are available in white, ivory, light almond, black and brown.


Pass & Seymour/Legrand (P&S), a leading manufacturer of electrical wiring devices and home systems, announces its new Residential Wall Box Sensors. These attractive vacancy- and occupancy-based controls conserve energy and are ideal for stairways, hallways, large spaces, garages and bathrooms.

The Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors feature fixed time delays, eliminating the need for end-user adjustments. For those who desire more flexibility, P&S offers user adjustable time delay and ambient light sensing in a 3-way compatible model. All models have 180-degree, 600-square-foot coverage. An LED locator light provides visibility in darkened rooms.


"The wall box sensors represent P&S’s latest product to help people contribute to a greener environment, and our commitment that better electrical means better living," said Mike Piraino, lighting controls market development manager for P&S. "The devices install easily and come in a range of colors to match switches and receptacles."

The Sensors control up to 600 watts of incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, magnetic low voltage, and electronic low voltage lighting loads, and 1/6 HP motors. The Vacancy Sensors meet California Title 24 energy-saving standards.

Each device fits in a single-gang standard switch box and uses a decorator opening wall plate. Color options include white, ivory, light almond and black.

Selection of Pass & Seymour products.


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