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Online Interior Design Services

Online interior design services are a fantastic option for obtaining professional interior design advice at the lowest possible cost. Be sure to see the offer at the bottom of this article to try online interior design services for free. While similar to in-home interior design consultation online interior design services enable the homeowner to create and implement a concept for the home that makes you feel the way you want to feel.

Online Interior Design Services accomplish this through the application of specialized knowledge and resources including the visual sciences of color theory.  Your designer will help you to make smart use of functional space and guide you toward making interior design decisions based upon scale, style, pattern and texture.

Virtual consultation dramatically reduces the interior designer’s cost of doing business. No longer needed are long drives to attend in-home meetings – instead an efficient online design consultation process is used to define details about your project, budget and home.  This streamlined communication of important project details and all of the related efficiencies result in savings that can be passed onto the online interior design services clients in the form of reduced design fee’s.

With online interior design services you save money by taking on some DIY homework: taking pictures of the space, measuring the room, drawing a simple floor plan, researching examples of inspirational styles, colors and patterns.

All of this is supported by detailed instructions and tools that make it easy on you and greatly enhances the ease of online interior design services.  Instead of having to wait for in-home meetings with your designer, while he or she racks up more than a hundred dollars per hour in design fees -  you can manage your project online in your own online interior design library and have your interior design dilemmas answered by a professional via email.

Your interior design project is managed online using a five phase process.

  1. Submitting your project online and sharing important information such as digital pictures of your room, your budget and inspirational photos.
  2. A kick off conference call to meet your designer and discuss your project objectives.
  3. Your online interior design service goes to work by creating a draft set of specifications for your room.
  4. Includes sharing feedback with your online interior designer so that he or she can refine the specifications from draft into final status based upon your feedback.
  5. Focused on taking all of the interior design specifications you love and fitting them into your room in the way that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and use of space. Online interior design services have access to interior designer discounts and they often make this special pricing available to online design clients.

Should you need to purchase furniture, flooring, fabric, fixtures, lighting, window and wall coverings or materials as part of your interior design solution online interior design services will provide you access to exclusive interior designer discounts from manufacturers and trade sources that can save you a tremendous amount of money.

Try online interior design services for free.

While there are many different online interior design services out there a leading online interior design service exists that will enable you to try their online interior design services for free.

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