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Question: I'm doing the rough in for my bathroom and have a question on venting.

Here is the layout: It is a two story building and the residence is at 2nd floor. The main vent extends from the roof straight down to the building's sewer. There is a horizontal T off of that 4 inch schedule 40 which connects the residence to the sewer. I've T'd the horizontal pipe to extend to the new bathroom, first bathtub, then toilet, then shower.

From the main vent the bathtub is 12 feet the toilet is 20 feet and the shower is 25 feet away.

The pipes from the main vent are 4" to the 2" connecting the tube, a 4" to the toilet and 2" connecting to the shower.

Is that too far from the main vent?

Answer: Anytime you are 6' or more from the vent stack you must re-vent back to the vent stack. Failure to either re-vent or mechanical vent will result in the fixture's trap to be sucked dry and of course that leads to sewer gases entering your home.

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