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Hardwood Flooring Over Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Question: I have sheet vinyl installed in the entrance to my home and want to install hardwood flooring over it. Do I have to remove the sheet vinyl or can I install the hardwood flooring on top of the sheet vinyl? If I can install the hardwood flooring over the sheet vinyl is there anything special that I need to do?

Answer: You did not say what the sub-floor is!

If you have a wood sub-floor, it is not a concrete slab, and you are installing tongue and groove hardwood flooring boards using nails or staples, you do not have to remove the current sheet vinyl flooring. In fact, the sheet vinyl will provide an excellent barrier to moisture coming up from the basement and affecting the hardwood flooring.

You will have to determine if the finished height of the hardwood flooring is acceptable. In most cases sheet vinyl is installed over an underlayment and this will have raised the sub-floor by 3/16 to 1/4 inch. Installing the hardwood flooring on top of the underlayment and vinyl flooring may create a problem for the opening of your entry door. So it is important that you measure the available space below your entry door to ensure you have adequate clearance. If you do not have adequate clearance for the hardwood flooring you will have to remove the vinyl flooring and the underlayment.

If you have a concrete slab that has sheet vinyl glued to it you can use glue down hardwood flooring. However, you must ensure that the sheet vinyl is glued down over the entire area. If there are areas of sheet vinyl which have lifted from the concrete sub-floor it is best to remove all of the sheet vinyl and the adhesive that was used to install it.



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