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Question: We installed pre-stained oak in our house- we did mix up the boxes but some of the pieces are more matte and others are more shiny- which makes the floor look awkward- is there a floor polish that would even things out when we go on the market, yet not hurt the finish?

Answer: The finish should have been the same, sometimes there are variations in the color primarily because wood being a natural material, will stain differently depending on which tree it is from and from what area of the tree. They make both a satin and gloss finish. If it is a name brand flooring, such as Bruce, I would contact them.

That being said, if you buff the floor with a fine grain sand paper, you should be able to coat it with a high gloss polyurethane floor finish, which will make the entire finish the same. I wouldn't apply a wax or other polish to a finished hardwood floor.



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