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Pewter Countertop

Question: My wife and I would like to have a pewter countertop installed in our kitchen. We understand that pewter used to contain lead but that the new pewter materials manufactured for countertops do not contain lead. Is pewter a safe material to use as a countertop?

Answer: Pewter is a combination of metals which makes it a metal alloy. The metals to make pewter are tin, copper, bismuth, lead and antimony. True pewter is not a safe material to be used as a kitchen countertop because of the lead that is added as part of the metal alloy.

Yes, there are manufacturers that claim to make pewter without lead.

In my opinion, the material that they are making without lead can no longer be called pewter. It is like making a salad without potatoes and calling it a potato salad.

This new material, which does not contain lead, is considered to be a safe material for use as kitchen countertops.

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