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Cracks In Cultured Marble Sinks

Question: We recently renovated our kitchen and replaced our old cultured marble countertops and sink with new cultured marble countertops and sink. We were very pleased with the cultured marble except for one thing. After about 2 years of use we noticed hairline cracks around the sink drain. Is there some way that we can prevent this from happening with our new cultured marble sink?

Answer: Hairline cracks or as it is known in the trade "spider cracking" of cultured marble is usually caused by the cultured marble expanding and contracting. Cultured marble can take an amount of expansion and contraction without cracking. However, excessive expansion and contraction of the cultured marble will create the hairline or spider cracking.

To help avoid the spider cracking from occurring do not run hot water into the cultured marble sink at water temperatures that exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 Degrees Celsius.

A second reason that the hairline cracking can occur is due to over-tightening of the drain fittings that seal the sink to the drain lines. Over tightening of the drain fittings is a very common occurrence when a garbage disposal is connected below the cultured marble sink.



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