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Refrigerator Preventative Maintenance

Refrigerators like most electrical appliances require some basic on-going preventative maintenance. Good preventative maintenance practices will save on energy bills.

  1. Door seals or door gaskets on the doors of the refrigerator will harden over time and lose their ability to seal the doors tightly to the refrigerator frame. You can help your door seals to perform their function by washing them with some warm water and dishwashing detergent. Wash both the door gasket seal and the metal frame around the refrigerator that butts up against the door gasket seal.
  2. Inspect the door seal gaskets for cracks and other damage. Door seal gaskets are relatively easy to replace and can be purchased from most appliance repair facilities.

  3. The coils on the back of the refrigerator will function more efficiently if they are kept clean. Use a vacuum to suck off the dust that has accumulated over the coils on a regular basis.
  4. Pet hair and other dust and dirt will collect under the refrigerator and can easily block the free flow of air which helps to cool the condenser and motor. If you have pets, vacuum under the refrigerator often.



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