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What Grout Should I Use For A Kitchen Backsplash?

Question: I am planning on installing a backsplash in my kitchen. My wife has been searching for the perfect ceramic tiles and I have been busy investigating the supplies and tools that I will need. When it comes to the grout, I am confused. Some packages say that it has sand and others are sand free. Which one should I use?

Answer: Sand is added to grout for the same reason that an aggregate is added to concrete. It provides something for the grout to bond to. Grout is basically a type of adhesive similar to mortar. It is designed to fill and seal the spaces between any tile or natural stone. To answer your question, if the gap you are planning to use between tiles is less than an 1/8 inch you will want to use grout without sand. If the gap is larger than 1/8 inch you should use grout with sand. If it is an 1/8 inch, you can use either, but I would recommend that you stick with the non-sand grout.

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