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Question: I am ready to do a kitchen remodel. I've talked to 2 cabinet suppliers. Both say that they're designers but for some reason I seem to need more direction. Neither of them have come up with a plan that WOWs me, or that I feel comfortable with moving forward on.

I've gone to Home Depot and spoken a little bit with them, but I've also seen on the Internet where other kitchen remodelers say NOT to go there or to another place like that.

I have some definite ideas on what I want, but I am very unclear about many other things.

We don't want to "DIY" the entire kitchen, but there are some things that we're willing to do ourselves, such as taking out the existing cabinets because hubby wants to put some of them up in his shop.

Thanks in advance for any advice or direction you could give me.

Answer: The problem with the big box retailers is that when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom design departments the experience of any specific associate can vary from a day to 10 or more years and it is impossible to actually look at the work that a specific designer has actually done. So while some people will have great stories to tell about their kitchens purchased from a big box retailer, there are others who will not be so happy.

I have a couple of suggestions for your consideration.

Invest a bit of the kitchen remodel funds in some 3D design software that you can use yourself, the new programs are very easy and allow you to see in 3D what the kitchen would look like from different views and using different materials and color schemes before you make any investment.

Work with an independent kitchen remodel company that lives or dies on the work that they do. Check out their previous work and talk to some of their customers.



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