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Grouting Granite Tile

Question: I am making granite tile countertops in my kitchen and would like to know what you would recommend or suggest as the type of grout I should use between the tiles.

Answer: You are facing one of the biggest problems with using granite tiles as a countertop material. The spaces between the tiles!

First, I would use a very thin spacing between tiles, 1/32 to 1/64 inch. Then I would use an epoxy rather than a grout to fill the voids between the granite tiles. There are a few advantages to using epoxy rather than grout.

  • You can easily make it level with the surface of the granite tiles.
  • You can tint or color the epoxy using resin dyes or artist pastels and if you take your time in blending the colors you can latterly make the spaces between the tiles disappear. Remember that granite is a natural stone and is more than a solid color, so having the epoxy with multiple color variations in it will be better than a solid color. Most craft stores will sell color pigments for epoxy.

Professional granite installers use epoxy when joining pieces of granite together. This is common on countertop edges and if there is an "L" in the countertop.

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