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Flexible Pipe Couplings

When joining and repairing pipes it is often necessary to use a flexible pipe coupling, as shown in Figure 1, instead of a solid mechanical joint such as soldier, an adhesive or a female thread to a male thread.

Flexible pipe couplings

Figure 1 - Flexible pipe couplings

There are many reasons that these situations occur:

  • You are connecting different pipe materials together.
  • You are connecting different diameter pipes together.
  • You are creating a joint in the middle of a pipe and the pipe does not provide any room, due to its mounting to place a solid coupling in place.
  • You have a pipe that has split and you cannot replace the piece due to physical constraints.
  • You are connecting corrugated pipe to a solid surface pipe.
  • You need an expansion joint due to changes in the length of the pipe because of temperature rise or decrease.
  • You want to ensure the integrity of a joint and install a flexible coupling over the joint for protection.

The flexible couplings are usually made of a elastomeric PVC and held in place with stainless steel aviation clamps.

Flexible "T" & "L" couplings

Figure 2 - Flexible "T" & "L" couplings



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