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No Water Pressure From Well

Question: Woke up this morning with very little water pressure (coming on and off in pressure) and then no water. Checked water purification system and we were out of softener salt although I do not think this had anything to do with it, we added more softener salt and saw the pressure start to rise. Also found the second bathroom toilet running (stop did not seal correctly). We were able to get back up to 50lbs of pressure in pressure tank but then when I tried to take a shower lost all water again. Water pressure seemed to be gaining a few minutes later and we had water in the sinks. I did not try the shower again. Hoping someone can enlighten me as to what possible problems we could be encountering.

Answer: Neither the water purification system or the toilet running is the problem. It is difficult to answer without seeing the installation. However, from your description I believe the problem is with the well pump. One of 4 possibilities come to mind.

  1. The seals on the pump are worn.
  2. There is a crack in the piping from the pump to your home.
  3. The motor on the pump has a short in the winding (long shot).
  4. The water table has receded so that it is just at the pump suction level - if the water table is just at the pump suction as the pump sucks water, it lowers the water level and the pump sucks air. Over a period the water table rises a bit and the pump can suck water again.



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