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Avoiding Clogged Drains

Question: I have a bathroom drain that is continually clogging. I clean it out using drain cleaners and it is fine for a few weeks. How can I cure the problem permanently?

Answer: The problem with most drain cleaners is that once they create a small hole in the grime in the drain pipes that is creating the problem, it flushes itself down that hole and does not do any more cleaning. It takes little more grease and grime to clog up that small hole.

My suggestion is to use hot water every couple of weeks after you have cleared the next clog with the drain cleaner.

Fill the basin, sink or tub with the hottest water possible – boiling water from a kettle is perfect. Pour the water down the drain. This will flush out the concealed grease and grime that is causing the problem. Each time you flush the drain with the hot water, more of the grease and grime will be dissolved.

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