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Epoxy Grout In Stall Shower

Question: I am a reasonably competent home handyman. I am building a stall shower and I am planning on using epoxy grout for the floor and walls. I want to use the epoxy grout because I have been told that it will not stain. But, I have read that it is very difficult to apply. Do you think a home handyman can install epoxy grout or do I need to call in a professional?

Answer: There are three types of grout. The standard grouts that are cement based, epoxy grout which uses a resin and hardener and then there are a couple of products on the market which are, for lack of a better description light weight epoxies. These light weight epoxies are not acceptable in commercial applications.

If you are thinking of using the light weight epoxies then you should have no major problems providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter! The most important areas to follow are the timing and sequence of events.

The real epoxies, those suitable for commercial applications I personally do not recommend for the home handyman. There are many professional tile installers that refuse to use them.

I am sure that you have a large investment in your stall shower and I would highly recommend that you buy some inexpensive tile and do a test run on a sheet of plywood, using the epoxy grout that you plan to use in the stall shower. It is a small investment to make so that you get some experience on the product before you attempt to do the stall shower.



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