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Drilling Ceramic Tile

Question: How do I drill a hole in ceramic tile?

Answer: If it is truly ceramic tile, you can use a standard masonry drill bit. Place a piece of duct tape over the area that you wish to drill (this will prevent the drill from slipping when you start and scratching the tile). Use a variable speed drill set for between 200 and 300 rpm. Dip the drill bit in cutting oil, if you do not have any cutting oil, then use a sponge to add water above the hole, allowing the water to trickle down into the hole, while you are drilling. This will reduce the friction, flush out the ceramic dust and cool the bit.

Do not apply a lot of pressure, allow the bit to do the work, if you apply to much pressure you will burn out the drill bit.

This will only work on ceramic tile. If you have porcelain or natural stone such as granite or marble you must use a diamond tipped drill bit.

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