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5 Ways To Give Your Garage A Makeover

Almost all homes today have a garage on their property and the primary uses of a garage in an average home are to park their car and use the remaining space as a poorly managed storage area. However, there is not much more that one can do with their garage – you can create designated storage spaces, a shelving area, a space that holds all your cleaning gear, etc. and imagination is the limit in this case. If you are tired of your messy, unkept and miserable garage, listed below are five ways through which you can give your garage a dramatic makeover without putting in much effort and getting more bang for your buck:

1. Adding vertical storage sections

By simply using hooks and shelving, you can create a vertical storage in your garage that will look chic and be functional at the same time. Depending upon the frequency of the items usage you can place it in the shelves closer to the ground and items that are seldom used can be placed at the very top. It is a great way of utilizing wall space and storing items.

2. Upgrading the garage door

Your garage door is most likely dingey and dirty, and absolutely spoils your home’s exterior outlook. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, note that a badly managed garage door reduces your home’s resale value. Additionally, old garage doors are likely to create troubles for you and if you ever see an emergency due to a malfunctioning garage door you should have the door serviced.

3. Use special moisture block paint

The walls of a garage are likely to get damaged due to moisture and dampness around it. This dampness leads to the growth of mold and mildew which results in damaging the walls of your garage and in the process also damaging the items you store in your garage. In order to preserve your garage and your storage area, used moisture blocking paint and walls made of sheetrock which are easier to clean.

4. Make your garage remote controlled

While these seems very sophisticated in terms of technology, it really isn’t – making your garage door remote controlled barely makes a dent on your pocket and adds a lot of value to your garage’s overall look. This would allow your garage door to be operated with your smartphone as well, and you would be able to control it. This also means that you would never be stuck outside your garage door in any capacity.

5. Paint your garage floor

Usually a garage floor is dingy and made of concrete – you should paint your garage floor to add an oomph factor into it and it improves your home’s resale value. It wouldn’t cost you much and would last a long time if you use good quality paint. You would not even need a professional painter to do the job, and you could turn this into a fun activity for your family and for your kids.