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5 Times When Hiring an Air Conditioning Specialist is a Must

There’s nothing more annoying than coming home to find your air conditioner is on the fritz. Whether it’s poor airflow, warm air from the vents, thermostat problems, or even moisture build-up, some air conditioner misfires will require a specialist.

While it’s best to subscribe to annual or seasonal examinations for your air conditioner, sometimes things simply go wrong. When the going gets tough, it’s often time to find a specialist.

Whatever seems to be the problem with your air conditioner, calling a specialist will give you the peace of mind to know the problem will be fixed. For something as important as the temperature of your home, duct-tape-like solutions are a no-go.

Consider hiring a specialist if your air conditioner is experiencing any of the following major problems:

Faint Cooling

If your air conditioner turns on, but doesn’t seem to be able to keep the entire home cool enough, it’s likely time to pick up the phone and call the local AC repair company. Faint cooling isn’t an issue that can fix itself.

In fact, it’s possible that the device may just need to be recharged, but faint cooling could mean other issues down the road. A coolant leak is serious, so this is something that should be handled as quickly as possible. Hire a professional if your air conditioner frequently emits warm air or stops working.

Air Conditioner Water Leaks

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If your unit seems to be leaking water, it’s important to call your local AC repair company right away. Any type of water leak could lead to major damage in the home, so call first and ask questions later.

Water leaks can lead to structural damage or even mold, which will hurt your home and your health. If you see signs of mold, such as a faint odor or black mildew forming in the ducts, clean what you can and then call your local repair company.

Thermostat Problems

If you’ve had some issues with your air conditioner and you think it might be the thermostat, read the instructions to filter out obvious fixes, but then give your local AC repair company a call.

If your thermostat is acting up due to age or otherwise, it could lead to hot homes and high bills. Try to find a happy medium on your thermostat, in terms of an agreed-upon family temperature, but if the AC can’t keep up, give the pro’s a call.

Air Conditioner Makes Strange Noise

If your air conditioner seems to be making a hissing, gurgling, or squealing sound, dial your local AC repair company as soon as possible. Noisy units mean something worse is likely around the corner.

Squealing could mean a weak fan motor belt. Hissing could mean the refrigeration is leaking, and gurgling could mean there’s a low refrigerant. Have your local specialist examine the sound to determine the problem. Knowing the problem is the only way to find a solution.

Strange Odors

Foul or pungent smells coming from the air conditioner are no laughing matter. Similar to an unwanted noise, the smells could mean future damage or a problem within the air conditioner’s wire insulation.

Musty smells often mean that there could be mold or mildew forming within the ductwork, so that also needs to be fixed immediately. Mold can hurt you and your family if untreated.

Call Your Local Air Conditioner Repair Company

The best way to avoid these issues is to schedule regular, routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit. Annual or seasonal examinations can save you time, money, and frustrations. Similar to owning a vehicle, an air conditioner is a costly expense when proper maintenance is neglected. You might need to upgrade your air conditioning unit if it is beyond repair.

Check the following tips on how to choose the best HVAC company for you:

  • Conduct A Background Check: Like any other service, make sure to check the technician’s background, then choose one from a trusted HVAC company.
  • Ask For References: Besides asking for evidence of licensing, permit, and other credentials, make sure to also ask the HVAC technician to provide character references. It will help ensure that you’re working with a legitimate HVAC contractor.
  • Don’t Hesitate To Ask: If you’re planning to hire a regular HVAC company for your home, make sure to conduct a short interview. It’s a great way to gauge the person’s expertise and soft skills.
  • Know The Scope Of HVAC Services: Make sure to also inquire about the HVAC services that the company offers. Do they offer 24/7 emergency services? Once you have chosen an HVAC company, save their contact details so you can easily contact them if another problem arises.

Why DIY Is Not Advisable For HVAC Problems

There are several good reasons why most HVAC problems should be handled by professionals, which include the following:

  • HVAC Tasks Require Specialized Tools: HVAC professionals have special tools and equipment to repair problems properly. If you don’t have them, you’ll just create more damage to your system.
  • HVAC Requires Knowledge: Major HVAC issues require the right knowledge, experience, and training to resolve them successfully.
  • Avoid Making Minor Problems Worse: You might see a minor AC problem. However, improper diagnosis and repair may cause more and bigger problems. An HVAC specialist can diagnose the real problem and address adjacent issues.
  • HVAC Replacement Can Be Tricky: You might run some into issues with parts replacement because it involves knowing the unit’s size and capacity. Don’t end up overspending because of purchasing incorrect parts, along with the headache of the returns process.

Sometimes, however, it can simply be an issue of an aged unit or just bad luck. If your home is experiencing one of the five problems listed above, call your local air conditioning services company.