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Bathroom Light Fixtures

Adequate lighting in a bathroom can be a complex exercise.

Florescent lighting, as a general statement, produces a light spectrum that is somewhat limited and hence colors are not what they appear to be. Ladies who apply make-up in the bathroom will be very frustrated by the colors that they see when they are in natural sun light or incandescent light compared to the colors that appeared under the florescent lighting. Florescent lighting will also cause the colors of other items in the bathroom such as floor and wall tiles and fixtures to change.

It should be noted that more and more lamp manufacturers are designing and producing full spectrum lamps, including florescent lamps.

Selection of full spectrum bulb

Lighting that surrounds a mirror can provide a lot of heat and glare when attempting to use the mirror.

From an aesthetic point of view one of the latest bathroom lighting techniques is to use halogen lighting. This lighting generally provides a bathroom with a rich look, however halogen lighting dissipates enormous quantities of heat and many individuals find it uncomfortable to stand below or in front of light fixtures that use halogen lamps as the source of light.

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Light fixtures have now been created for showers. These fixtures have seals that prevent water from entering the electrical portions of the fixture. It is very important, when changing the lamp in a shower fixtures that gaskets are re-installed properly to avoid having water vapor penetrate the live electrical portions of the light fixture.

Bathroom light fixtures are usually one of the last items considered when doing a bathroom remodel and yet it is one of the most important items. The choice, positioning and type of lamp used in light fixtures should be prime considerations as the light fixtures themselves provide a substantial amount to the decor, comfort and utilization of the room.