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What To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale - Part 4


  • Repair cracked grout in bathroom wall tiles.
  • Bathroom exhaust fans should run quietly.
  • Toilets should always be spotless!
  • Unclutter bathroom countertops.
  • Keep waste cans empty and clean.
  • Replace any washers in faucets that drip.
  • Polish all faucets and water spouts.
  • Clean soap scum from tiles and shower doors.
  • Shower curtains and liners should be clean. If they cannot be cleaned replace them.
  • Clean faucet aerator and shower head of calcium build-up.
  • Clean away any black deposits from the bathtub sill and tile areas.

Laundry Room or Area

  • Wash floor.
  • Clean behind dryers and washing machines.
  • If you are selling the washer and dryer with the home, ensure that the appliances are always clean and odor free. Make sure that the dryer lint screen is always clean.
  • Keep waste cans empty and clean.
  • Replace any washers in faucets that drip.

Items That Require Some Financial Outlay:

There are some other items that you should consider, providing your budget will allow them.

Consider the addition of mirrors. Mirrors will make any room appear larger than it is. Mirrors on sliding glass doors in bedrooms can make the rooms feel twice as large as they actually are.

  • Replace out of style light fixtures.
  • Bathroom and kitchen sinks that are stained beyond cleaning should be replaced.
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets that are outdated and/or worn looking should be replaced.
  • Remove popcorn textures from ceilings and repaint
  • Rooms with dark paint should be repainted – neutral light colors will make rooms appear larger. When painting, take care to keep color separations straight lines, especially where ceilings meet walls and walls meet door trims and baseboards. Light switch, outlet cover plates, light fixtures, door knobs and handles and door bumpers should all be removed prior to painting.
  • Rooms with dark paint should be repainted.
  • Any water damage below windows or on ceilings should be repaired.
  • Any bathroom or other mirrors in the home which have flaws in the silver coating should be replaced.
  • Colored bathroom fixtures are no longer in style. Consider replacing colored toilets and sinks and having the bathtub re-glazed white.
  • New modern appliances will definitely enhance the kitchen, even if they are not being sold with the home.
  • Consider making some of your own closet organizers.
  • Replace laundry tub in laundry room or area if it is in bad shape.
  • Replace ceiling fans that wobble or make excessive noise.
  • Repair potholes in driveways.