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A Checklist: 10 Things to do Before Selling your House

The COVID-19 virus took a toll on everyone’s lives in many ways. It affected how we work, go to school, how we travel and socialize. The pandemic caused a negative toll on how people sell and buy houses. Strict health protocols changed the usual business of conducting home-selling.

When selling your property in 2021, you must consider the factors of the pandemic to avoid risking yourself. Below are the ten tips you need to know about before selling your house.

1. Hire a professional.

Sell your house in a “For Sale By Owner” manner where there is no need for a real estate agent to sell because you will do it yourself. FSBOs tend to sell at a lower price because it’s a popular way of marketing for buyers who love a bargain.

Although if you want the process to be fast, consider hiring a listing agent. Don’t fret since these professionals are good with their job and have adapted to the situation remarkably fast. So having an agent right by your side will surely aid you in selling your house fast.

A licensed agent entails you will have the opportunity to get your home exposed to various social media accounts and MLS property listing, Trulia, Redfin, and Zillow. These websites that only licensed agents can post in will expose your house to thousands of possible buyers. Additionally, professionals can analyze the comparative market to assess what is the best deal for you. If there are any counteroffers and these professionals will guide you throughout the process until closing.

2. Conduct a virtual tour.

Physical open houses can be impossible with the social distancing rules imposed. Even if officials permitted your buyers to be in your area, it is still discouraged. To sell your house in 2021, you can opt for a 3D tool that’s used to virtually tour your buyers around the house - giving them a realistic experience of the property. It will give the feeling that they’re in the place themselves.

An alternative of the 3D option is to conduct live streaming on social platforms like Facebook or Youtube Live. This mode will allow your potential buyers to interact with you and freely ask their questions during the live streaming.

3. Improve landscape appeal.

Your landscape is what your buyers, guests, and neighbors will first set their eyes on. Your landscape will create the first impression of your buyers. Remove unnecessary objects on your curb, trim what needs to be cut, and remove weeds. While you’re at it, clean the front door as well.

4. Fix any broken objects.

You wouldn’t want your potential buyers to see a house that’s full of broken things. Fix any broken or loose stuff in your home to appeal to your buyers. Also, change the bathroom floor tiles; a dirty comfort room will lessen your chances of having a buyer.

5. Turn a room into a gym or office.

Turning an empty room into something usable will attract your buyers rather than a storage room. A storage room might seem superficial for your buyers, especially when they’re minimalistic. Changing a space into something that entails productivity is a sure thing that will attract buyers.

6. Declutter and clean your home.

Before putting your house out there, make your home neat and attractive for your potential buyers. Rid your home of any clutter to make it more spacious. Space is the most significant selling point in 2021 because of the pandemic. Remove unnecessary objects in the yard, bathroom, kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms. You can even opt to hire a professional organizer.

7. Add more plants.

Even if you aren’t good at taking care of plants, there are several drought-resistant plants that you can bring home. They will take less care, but it will make your home more appealing to buyers. Additionally, plants can improve the atmosphere in a house.

8. Consider staging your home.

Properly staging your home is the most vital part of the process of selling your home. A professional photographer can capture your home’s beauty and its different qualities. It will give your buyers a chance to visualize how it will be to live in your house. In a pandemic, buyers on the Internet rely on virtual staging.

9. Paint the walls.

Painting the walls of your home can make it more presentable and modern to potential buyers and even your agent. Consider painting it to a neutral tone to be on the safer side; you wouldn’t want to paint your walls to a color that your buyers hate.

10. Prepare paperwork that will only need an e-signature.

The traditional way of signing documents has to have every party present, but it’s not advisable in today’s pandemic. Instead, you may use tools like AdobeSign, DocuSign, SignEasy, and more to make every step with your buyer contactless as much as possible and not risk yourself from the pandemic. Today, 23 states allow the parties to complete the paperwork despite being in a different locale.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully we are in today’s modern age where virtual tours are a possibility. The pandemic indeed negatively affected us, but people still found ways to be resilient amid this. 2021 is the perfect time to put your house on the market, and it’s a good return on investment nowadays. Think about the list above to help you gain more buyers.