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Repairing a Benzomatic Patio Heater

Benzomatic made an excellent patio heater, as shown in Figure 1, however they are no longer selling their patio heaters and they do not have any spare parts for repair.

Bernzomatic patio heater
Figure 1 - Bernzomatic patio heater

This has left a lot of individuals with broken Bernzomatic patio heaters.

If your unit is less than a year old Bernzomatic is standing behind the warranty and will ship a new unit to replace any defective or broken Bernzomatic patio heaters.

If your Bernzomatic patio heater is out of warranty, then you are on your own if you need repairs. Although Bernzomatic is suggesting that you contact a HVAC company, in my opinion they will not be of much help, even if you can find a HVAC company that is willing to look at the patio heater once you advise them of your problem. The costs of having a HVAC technician visit perform a service call at your home for a patio heater is usually not economical and HVAC technicians are not known for their creativity.

My suggestion is to take your Bernzomatic patio heater to a large RV service center. RV’s last for many years and it is not uncommon to have propane appliances break or have parts wear that need repair. Service for out of date RV propane appliances requires a lot of creativity and the replacement of parts that may have not been designed for the original unit.

Using an RV center will be less expensive than having an HVAC technician visit your home as you can take the Bernzomatic patio heater to the RV center and hence avoid the initial service call.

For individuals who live on the coast, large marines that provide service to larger vessels might also be of assistance. However, marines usually have a higher cost per hour than an RV center, due to the type of equipment that they are normally working on.

Note: A Bernzomatic manual and instructions are available.