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5 Best Roofing Materials

If your roof needs to be replaced or you are buying a new roof, you know you may be facing an important expense. Before committing to any particular type of roof, it might be worthwhile for you to become familiar with the different alternatives available and which types of roofing materials are the best. Here is a list for you to get started.

Asphalt Shingles

The fact that three-quarters of single-family homes in the country are roofed with asphalt shingles is probably because they are great at protecting homes from the elements, are affordable, and offer a wide variety of options.

There are two main types of these shingles: fiberglass and organic asphalt. These days, most shingles are fiberglass-based. Their advantages are that they offer good fire protection, are a good fit for almost any style house, are an affordable option and they require no support other than standard roof sheathing. They generally last about thirty years.

Metal Roofing

As people look for new, eco-friendly styles, metal roofing has gained in popularity. Manufactured in rolls, metal roofing is installed with vertical seam panels that can either be painted or covered with granules. Metal roofs can also be made to look like tiles, shakes, or shingles. The most accessible options of metal roofing are made of aluminum, steel, or zinc while the most expensive ones are made of copper. There are plenty of colors available and their warranties go from 30 to 50 years.

Wood Shakes and Shingles

Shingles are machine-cut, which allows them to feature cleaner edges and a smooth surface. Thus, their appearance is more uniform. Shakes are hand-cut, are thicker, and have a more rustic appearance.

As they are made from wood, they offer a natural beauty and their natural oils make them naturally resistant to insects and moisture. They last up to ten years more than asphalt shingles.

Slate Tile

Slate has been used on roofs for centuries. These days, you can choose either genuine or synthetic slate tiles. With a variety of size options, you can find one that will perfectly match your home’s architectural style. While natural slate is extremely durable, it does require additional support. If you go for an innovative synthetic slate you will discover their beauty and their lower cost.

Slate tiles require little maintenance and are lightweight. Due to its durability, this roofing material can be reused and recycled. Its luxurious appearance cannot be imitated.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

Although this is an ancient roofing option, nowadays these tiles have been modernized and include innovative and harder materials that have an incomparable look. They have also been improved with greater strength and durability. Concrete tiles are very lightweight, they are also tough and easy to install. Another option is fiber cement tiles that are made of wood and clay blended into the concrete.

Whether you select clay, concrete, or fiber cement tiles, you should know that they offer over 50 years of durability.