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Kitchen Cabinet & Vanity Hinges

Part 2

Hinge Styles:

  1. Surface Mount Hinges
  2. A surface mount hinge is installed in such a manner as to make both wings visible when the cabinet door is open or closed, as shown in Figure 1.

    surface mount cabinet hinge

    Figure 1 - Surface mount cabinet hinge
  3. Wrap-Around Hinges
  4. There are two styles of wrap-around hinges. Full wrap-around where the hinge wing on the frame side of the cabinet wraps around the cabinet frame, as shown in Figure 2. The second is the partial wrap-around where the frame side hinge wing only wraps around the cabinet frame partially, as shown in Figure 3.

    Full wrap-around cabinet hinge

    Figure 2 - Full wrap-around cabinet hinge

    Partial wrap-around cabinet hinge

    Figure 3 - Partial wrap-around cabinet hinge
  5. Face Frame Hinges:
  6. The face frame hinge is considered a semi-concealed hinge, as shown in Figure 4. When the cabinet door is closed the hinge wing that mounts on the cabinet frame is visible but the hinge wing that mounts on the cabinet door is concealed.

face frame cabinet hinge

Figure 4 - Face frame cabinet hinge
  1. Inset Hinges
  2. An inset hinge is mounted so that the frame side of the cabinet hinge is visible, but the wing on the door side is hidden. The door is made with a rabbet so that it overlaps the door frame, as shown in Figure 5.

    inset cabinet hinge

    Figure 5 - Inset cabinet hinge
  3. Overlay Hinges
  4. An overlay hinge is similar to an inset hinge. The door does not contain a rabbet for the cabinet hinge, but allows the door to sit on the outside of the cabinet frame, as shown in Figure 6.

    overlay cabinet hinge

    Figure 6 - Overlay cabinet hinge
  5. Full Inset Hinges
  6. A full inset cabinet hinge hides both of the hinge wings by having them mounted on the edge of the cabinet frame and cabinet door. The only visible part, when the door is closed is the hinge knuckle, as shown in Figure 7. This style of hinge is most commonly used on house entry and passage doors.

    full inset cabinet hinge

    Figure 7 - Full inset cabinet hinge
  7. Euro Hinges
  8. A Euro hinge is a completely hidden hinge. It is not visible when the cabinet doors are closed. It is an extremely versatile hinge, that is very strong and allows for convenient alignment and adjustment after installation. It comes in many different mounting configurations, as shown in Figure 8.

    euro cabinet hinge

    Figure 8 - Euro cabinet hinge

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