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Discoloration of Vinyl Flooring

Problem: Discoloration Of Resilient (Vinyl) Flooring


Incompatibility of materials.

The general consensus to date is that the main cause of discoloration of resilient (vinyl) flooring is incompatibility of materials.

Research suggests that successful installations rely on minimal expansion and subsequent shrinkage of the materials caused by removal of accumulated moisture.


Use recommended underlay with good manufacturers warranty:

  • There is no evidence yet as to which underlay, if any, cause discoloration of resilient (vinyl) flooring. Some resilient (vinyl) flooring manufacturers have very specific requirements about which products to use. It is best to follow the resilient (vinyl) flooring manufacturer's recommendation for suitable underlay. This is generally a requirement to maintain the warranty on the finish. However most underlay materials can perform properly if attention is paid to certain details.

Use recommended joint fillers:

  • Resilient (vinyl) flooring manufacturers are usually very specific when they indicate the type of patching compounds that should be used with their products. Follow exactly the underlayment manufacturer's requirements for preparation and installation of the underlay and compatible filler.

Use recommended adhesive.

  • Resilient (vinyl) flooring manufacturers are usually very specific about the type of adhesive to use with their flooring; they suggest products that they know are compatible. In many cases, they produce adhesive for their flooring. Always follow their recommendations.
  • Many of the trades people working in the house use adhesives, solvents, and other similar materials that can damage the underlay if spilled. Even if the spill is immediately cleaned up, the underlay will often absorb some to the spilled material. This material may affect the resilient (vinyl) flooring and sometimes cause show through or yellowing of vinyl.
  • If spills do occur, clean them up immediately, and repair the affected area; replace damaged panel, or sand the spill completely and patch the area.