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Ceramic Tile Cracking - 2

Problem: Ceramic Flooring Tile Cracking - 2


Early traffic.

Ceramic tile floors are very sensitive to movement immediately after installation. While the mortar bed achieves half of its strength relatively quickly, it is still susceptible to damage due to stresses incurred during the grouting process.

During the first 14 days, if people or furniture excessively load a ceramic tile mortar bed, irreparable damage may occur. When tiles are installed using adhesive, the manufacturer's recommendations for curing time must be followed. Tiles can become dislodged if loads are applied too soon. Grout is installed after the tiles are firmly in place and must also be allowed to cure according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Keep traffic off newly installed ceramic floors:

  • If grouting must be done soon after installation of the tile, the installers should use kneeling boards. Take care when moving heavy loads such as appliances, equipment or furniture, over a newly installed floor. This may be the largest load ever pot on the floor, and it may be applied when the floor is not at its maximum strength, causing cracking even before occupancy.