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Foundation Problems & Solutions

Concrete Foundation Walls - Structural Deterioration And Damage

Problem: Cracks in foundations and slabs resulting from frost heaving and freezing - 2.

Cause: Moisture in soil adhering to the foundation wall and the lifting foundation.

This problem usually occurs at garage frost walls, which are not subjected to high enough interior heat to prevent it.

Solutions: Isolate the wall from the moisture in the soil or minimize the likelihood or moisture in the soil that is in contact with the foundation wall.

  • Keep frost-susceptible soils away from the foundation wall. Provide a capillary break between the soil and the foundation wall. Use free-draining backfill, free draining insulation, or air gap membrane products to isolate the foundation wall from the moisture-laden soils as shown in Figure 19.
foundation drainage layer
Figure 19 - Foundation drainage Layer
  • Install drainage tile to remove moisture from around the footings or install a granular drainage layer over soil graded to a sump pit.
  • Separate the garage and house foundations from the above-grade elements, using isolation joints to prevent stresses and defects related to differential movement.