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Foundation Problems & Solutions

Concrete Foundation Walls - Water Leakage

Problem: Creep and movement of exterior foundation insulation above grade - 2.

Cause: Soil settlement around foundation.

As soils settle, they can pull rigid exterior insulation down the wall if proper installation procedures have not been followed.

Solutions: Minimize soil settlement.

  • Ensure rainwater drains away from the building, using proper grading, splash-block rainwater-leaders and a sloped clay cap.
  • Ensure proper compaction of backfill / granular fill around the foundation.

Use proper installation techniques.

  • Ensure that exterior insulation rests directly on the footing to minimize slippage. When using free-draining insulation materials, ensure that draining water has direct access to the weeping-tile system as shown in Figure 35.
exterior foundation insulation for slab on ground construction
Figure 35 - Exterior foundation insulation for slab on ground construction
  • Mechanically fasten the exterior insulation to the foundation wall.