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Garage Doors

single garage door

Residential garage doors are available in metal, wood and fiberglass; in numerous styles and colors. If you are planning on installing a new garage door for a home improvement or remodel here are some things that you should know:

Garage Door Basics:

garage door with numbered areas

Track Types:
Low Headroom

Track Components:
Vertical Track: on either side of opening.
Horizontal Track: attached to ceiling.
Radius: curved track

Standard Heights:
7 feet high - 4 sections high
8 feet high - 5 sections high

Gauge = thickness of steel
Lower is better. 24 gauge is thicker than 25 gauge.

Natural Light:
Inserting a window made of glass or an acrylic material, in one or more of the door sections allows natural light to enter the garage area.

Panels made of fiberglass, wood, aluminum, steel or wood composite materials. The sections are installed into stiles that are connected with the use of hinges and rollers.

Bottom Bracket:
Cables and/or springs that are used to raise and lower the door are connected to the bottom bracket

Cable Drum:
The cable drum provides grooves to allow for the winding of the lifting cables on the torsion spring shaft, when opening the garage door.

Torsion Springs:
The torsion spring takes the weight of the garage door and makes opening and closing it much easier and more efficient.

Extension Track:
The extension provides a track for the rollers to run on when the garage door is opened.

Rear Track Hanger:
The rear track hanger holds the extension track in position and supports the weight of the garage door when open

The track allows the wheels on the garage door to run easily as the garage door is opened and closed.

Short Panel

small panel garage door for home remodel

Single Car (8–10' wide)

Double Car (12–18' wide)


Long Panel

large panel garage door for home remodel

Single Car (8–10' wide)

Double Car (12–18' wide)


measurements for a garage door replacement

Headroom Chart:
4 1/2' –10″ – low headroom track
10″ – standard track/extension spring
12″ – standard track/torsion spring
14″ or more – required for operator

Glossary of Garage Door Terms