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How To Install Hardwood Floor Medallions - Part 2

Part 1

Step 4:

Once the area that will contain the hardwood medallion has been routed through, it is necessary to remove the hardwood flooring that resides in the hardwood medallions resting place.

It is best to use a circular saw to make some cut marks, the depth of the hardwood flooring, in the pieces to be removed. This allows you to use a small pry bar under the hardwood boards to be removed without damaging the edges of the pieces of hardwood that will surround the hardwood medallion.

Note: Remove the hardwood flooring gently! It is not uncommon to have small pieces that are still connected to the boards you wish to keep. Being brutal could damage the hardwood flooring that is to remain.

Figure 5 - Tack Cloth

Step 5:

Once the hardwood boards have been removed from the hardwood medallion area, ensure that all flooring nails, and/or staples have also been removed. Vacuum up all the saw dust. Then use a tack cloth, Figure 5, to ensure that all of the dust is gone!

Step 6:

Many individuals will want to test to ensure that they have a proper fit. However, this can be a problem as once the hardwood medallion is placed in its resting position, removing it, without damaging it, to apply the floor adhesive can be a problem.

If the medallion fits the template, and the template was used to create the area for the hardwood medallion insertion it should fit!

If you must verify the fit, lay some plastic food wrap in the area where the hardwood medallion is to be placed, overlapping the hardwood floor a few inches. Insert the medallion, the plastic food wrap should allow you to lift the hardwood medallion out of the hole. Remember that you want a tight fit and that leaves very little room around the edges. Even the thickness of plastic food wrap may cause the hardwood medallion to become jammed in the hole.

Once you are confident that the hole is the correct size. Place some urethane adhesive on the sub-floor and insert the hardwood medallion into position.

Note: If you have a round hardwood medallion ensure that its positioning is such that the design is where you want it. You will not be able to turn the medallion once it is placed into position.

Use a carpenter's wood or other non-marring mallet and a scrap piece of wood to ensure that the hardwood medallion is firmly seated in the adhesive in the hole in the hardwood flooring.

Note: It is not necessary to apply adhesive to the edges of the hardwood medallion. Any adhesive that seeps up around the edge after you have seated the hardwood medallion in its hole should be wiped off immediately.

Note: The addition of some temporary weight on top of the hardwood medallion (covered with a tarp) will ensure that it does not lift while the adhesive is curing.

Step 7:

If you have just installed a pre-finished hardwood medallion in a pre-finished hardwood floor, the installation of the hardwood medallion is complete.

If the hardwood floor and the medallion require finishing, you should finish the combined hardwood flooring/medallion as one complete unit, sanding, staining (if required) and applying the protective finish in the same manner as you would for just hardwood flooring.