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Humidity Levels In Your Home

Maintaining the correct humidity level in your home is very important to your family's health and to prevent damage to window sills, casings, walls, floors and ceilings. To much humidity and you will get condensation forming on windows, walls and ceilings. To little humidity and your family can become ill.

What Is the correct humidity level in a home?

Indoor humidity levels should be adjusted relative to the outdoor temperature.

If you currently maintain your indoor temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit then you should adjust the humidity values in your home as outlined in Chart 1.

Chart 1
Home Humidity Levels


Humidity Level

-20° F or Colder

15% Maximum

-20° F

20% Maximum

-10° F

25% Maximum

0° F

30% Maximum

10° F

35% Maximum

20° F

40% Maximum

Keeping the humidity levels above these amounts will result in condensation forming on windows and other surfaces.

Indoor humidity levels can be adjusted by using humidifiers to raise humidity, dehumidifiers to lower humidity and air conditioners.