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Transferring A Sketch To Graph Paper

To create the sketch of the ceiling of a room, draw the ceiling shape on a piece of paper, without concern for the dimensions, in other words - not to scale. Then add the actual dimensions to your sketch as shown in Figure 1.

Dimensioned sketch of ceiling
Figure 1 - Dimensioned sketch of ceiling
Ceiling dimensions transferred to graph paper
Figure 2 - Ceiling dimensions transferred to graph paper

Having the sketch on graph paper, to scale, allows you to visualize the positioning of the ceiling tiles and the T that will support them.

This drawing also defines how many lineal feet of L edge channel will be required for the perimeter of the suspended ceiling. To determine how many lineal feet is required add up all of the dimensions on your drawing. In our example it would be:

11' 8" + 11' + 3' 10" + 1' 6" + 7' 10" + 9' 6" =

45' 4" of L Channel

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