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Weather Stripping Materials

Installing weather stripping around doors and windows is a project that is perfect for the home handyman. Materials are relatively inexpensive and the savings in energy can be dramatic.

The use of weather strip is as important for energy savings with air conditioning as it is for heating.

There are many different types and styles of weather strip for doors and windows. Each manufacturer has there own unique characteristics in size and shape.

That being said, there are few basic designs that each manufacturer bases their products on. See Figures 1 through 8.

Adhesive Backed Foam Tape Weather Strip

adhesive backed foam weather stripping
Figure 1 - Adhesive backed foam tape weather strip

Adhesive backed foam tape (Figure 1) provides a very inexpensive quick fix for an air filtration problem. It is very easy to install. It can be a short lived fix as the foam easily looses its resiliency and hence its effectiveness during a single season.

Astragal Weather Strip

Astragal weather stripping
Figure 2 - Astragal weather strip

Astragal weather strip (Figure 2) is made in vinyl and aluminum, its most common use is on double entrance doors. The T-shaped molding consists of a single piece that attaches to the less-used door.

Another common design for this weather strip employs two separate moldings, one for each door that interlock with each other.

Foam-edged Wood Strip Weather Strip

foam edged wood weather stripping
Figure 3 - Foam edged wood weather strip

A foam-edged wood strip weather strip (Figure 3) lasts much longer than a plain adhesive backed foam product (it is also more expensive).

The product is easy to install, many are made with a self stick adhesive, other require finishing nails for installation. It should have a life of several seasons.

Spring Metal Strip Weather Stripping

spring metal weather stripping
Figure 4 - Spring metal weather stripping

Spring metal weather stripping (Figure 4) is generally made of bronze, aluminum and in some cases stainless steel. Because they are made of metal they have a very long life.

The strips fit in window or door channels and use the spring tension to create the seal. Their one negative is that they can make a tight-fitting window very hard to open.

Grooved Gasket Weather Stripping

grooved gasket weather stripping
Figure 5 - Grooved gasket weather stripping

Grooved gasket weather stripping (Figure 5) is made of numerous plastics and vinyl. It is designed to be used in metal casement windows or jalousie windows. Because they are designed as a compression product they are very effective and can easily last 10 or more seasons.

Magnetic Weather Stripping

magnetic weather stripping
Figure 6 - Magnetic weather stripping

Magnetic weather stripping (Figure 6) works well on sliding glass doors and windows. The stripping is made in 2 pieces. The piece which contains the magnet attaches to the door trim. The other piece, which is made of metal attaches to the door. The magnet holds the door against the gasket forming a reasonably tight seal.

Tubular Gasket Weather Stripping

tubular gasket weather stripping
Figure 7 - Tubular gasket weather

Tubular gasket weather stripping (Figure 7) is made from vinyl or rubber. The center core can be empty or have a foam filling. They are designed to be used on the exterior of windows and doors, filling in any voids and gaps and because of the materials used to make them, they will stand-up to any climate.

V-Strip Weather Stripping

v-strip weather stripping
Figure 8 - V-strip weather stripping

V-strip weather stripping (Figure 8) can be made of metals or vinyl. They perform in a similar manner to spring metal strip weather stripping in that they utilize tension to create a very tight seal.

V-strip weather stripping is generally installed in window and door channels. The vinyl models often have a self adhesive strip on the back, making for easy installation. The metal version is applied using small nails and although a little more complex to install it will last much longer.