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How To Budget Remodeling Your Kitchen

Current Kitchen Layout Is Unsatisfactory

If you have determined that your current kitchen layout is not satisfactory you are committing yourself to a major kitchen remodeling project.

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Figure 1 - Kitchen design using Punch 3D design software

In order to budget for a kitchen remodeling project that includes a new kitchen layout you must first design your new kitchen. You can use a piece of graph paper and start laying out your major appliances and cabinets or you can approach the design using one of the new 3D home design software packages that are available expressly for kitchen remodeling projects.

3D home design software packages are available at a nominal cost and considering the investment you are going to make in your kitchen it is a minor investment and in my experience could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The 3D home design software package will allow you to design your kitchen and then see it, as shown in Figure 1, including the colors of cabinetry, flooring and wall surfaces before you invest any additional funds. You can conveniently modify layouts, add and remove cabinets, install a kitchen pass-through, change lighting, change countertop and flooring materials and see what effect a side-by-side refrigerator will have to the entire kitchen design.

By using the 3D home design software package you can conveniently see if cabinet doors conflict with appliances or if a door when open blocks access to cabinets.

There are two primary types of 3D home design software packages available:

  1. The first is a package that runs on a host computer and you rent time on that computer. There are three major advantages to this type of time share software system.
    • You don’t have to be concerned about the power of your computer, because all of the design processing is running on a host computer.
    • You can provide convenient access to the design you have made to contractors when asking for a quotation for your kitchen remodeling project. In the same manner when visiting cabinet or flooring retailers you can show them on-line what you are looking for, as well if they offer alternatives you can from their locations go to your stored design and modify it accordingly – before you commit to any purchase.
    • The remotely hosted software is continually being updated and you do not have to pay for new versions of the software.

    For additional information on remotely hosted 3D design software visit Plan3D.

  2. The second type of 3D home design software package is purchased as an application program that is loaded on and runs on your home computer.
  3. The biggest advantage of 3D home design software packages that run on your computer is the long term cost. If you are planning on doing a lot of remodeling over a period of time – 2 or 3 years, then it is more economical to purchase a software package then to pay monthly service fees to a remote host.

Additional information on 3D home design software packages.

You cannot possibly budget for a kitchen remodel if you do not know specifically what you are planning on doing. Once you have a workable kitchen design you can determine what individual segments of the design will cost.

Additional information on specific costs of cabinets, flooring materials, appliances, etc.