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How to Install Wood Lap, Clapboard or Beveled Siding

Part 2

Although lap, clapboard or beveled siding can be installed by one person alone, it is easier to handle with two. The installation of siding starts by securing a nailing strip to the bottom edge of the sheathing, as shown in Figure 7.

position of siding nailing strip

Figure 7 - Position of siding nailing strip

This strip should be equal in thickness to the “top” thickness of the siding, as shown in Figure 8.

size of siding nailing strip

Figure 8 - Size of siding nailing strip

Make sure that the nailing strip is level all around the house. At either end of the wall, measure up from the nailing strip the dimension of the siding and snap a chalk line, as shown in Figure 9.

using a chalk line for positioning of siding

Figure 9 - Using a chalk line for positioning of siding

Using the chalk line as a guide, position the board and nail it to the studs at approximately every 16 inches on center. When you’re through with the first board, simply butt up the next board against the one you’ve just nailed.

Once the first row of siding is complete, measure up from the top of the first row, the exposure distance for the second row, as shown in Figure 10.

measuring for siding exposure

Figure 10 - Measuring for siding exposure