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How To Paint A Ceiling

Part 3

Step 3:

Cover the floor and any furniture that had to remain in the room with the drop cloths. You can use the painter’s masking tape to hold it in place along edges.

Step 4:

If the ceiling has cracks or other damage, now is the time to repair it.

Note: Make sure that any spackling compound that you use for the repair is completely dry prior to painting. If you attempt to paint over spackling compound that is not thoroughly dry, the combination of the paint and spackling compound will form a paste that will adhere to the paint roller and be deposited all over the ceiling as you paint.

Step 5:

Apply the painter’s masking tape to the edges where the ceiling intersects with the walls, on the wall portion. The accuracy of installing the masking tape tight to the edge will determine how neat the finish appears.

You are now ready to start to paint the ceiling!

Step 6:

Remove the paint can lid, place it in a spot where it will not be stepped on! Make sure the paint is well mixed.

Using the cut-in brush, paint a strip approximately 2 to 3 inches around the perimeter of the ceiling.

Step 7:

Using the paint roller attached to the extension handle paint a zigzag motion on the ceiling. Start approximately 3 roller widths away from the edge and then blend the paint towards the edge. Allow the roller to run over the area that was cut-in, as shown in Figure 5. Keep the roller approximately ½ inch away from the wall.

Additional tips on painting.

Step 8:

Clean-up your paint brushes, paint tray and paint roller. Seal the lid back on the paint can and remove all of the painting supplies from the room.

Before you proceed on, ensure that your hands are clean and that all paint has been removed.

How to paint a ceiling

Figure 5 - Painting a ceiling

Step 9:

Remove the painter’s masking tape. Be careful not to allow the masking tape to hit the wall. Place the tape in a garbage bag as you are removing it.

Step 10:

If you removed an electrical fixture now is the time to re-install it. Remember to clean any globes and bulbs before you put it back in place.

Step 11:

Dispose of any plastic drop cloths or if you used a canvas drop cloth, fold it up and remove it from the room.

Step 12:

Replace the furniture in the room.

If you require assistance in choosing paint or tools visit a retailer that specializes in paint. You will obtain much better advice from a paint retailer than a big box home improvement center.

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