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Advantages Of PEX Plumbing

PEX tubing (Figure 1) is a made from polyethylene and is one of the latest plumbing innovations. It is extremely flexible, easy to connect and comes in a variety of diameters from 1/4 to 2 inches.

red, bule and white PEX tubing

Figure 1 - PEX Tubing

It is available in multiple colors to aid in installation and distinguish hot and cold feeds.

Primary Advantages Of PEX Plumbing:

  • Can be used for hot and cold water lines
  • Adaptors are available to connect PEX tubing to most other pipe materials including PVC, copper, steel and CPVC.
  • Reduced cost: Using PEX tubing reduces the amount of fittings and couplings that would be required using solid piping as PEX tubing is flexible and can easily be pulled around corners without the need for separate elbows. A 1/2 inch PEX tube can be placed into a 5 inch radius without damage or crimping of the tubing.
  • As most plumbing pipe failures occur at couplings the reduced quantity of couplings with PEX piping means less problems in the future.
  • Fewer couplings also means that a water system using PEX tubing can be installed in less time than conventional copper piping systems.
  • PEX tubing can expand which means it has less potential to burst.
  • Repair is easy, quick and convenient with pre-made repair kits.
  • PEX water systems are designed with manifolds which allow for the shut-off of one fixture or plumbing line without the need to shut down the entire water system.