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Bathroom Floor‏

Question: My bathroom floor has at least three layers to it. I think the first layer is the hardwood that is through out the rest of my house. It seems the next layer is some hideous looking linoleum or something like that, the next layer is what looks like plywood, and the next is self-adhesive tiles. I know that I need to take the last layer up before anything else can be done to it but should I take the rest up too. I want to do a mosaic type ceramic tiling.

Answer: I would take it all up. Get back down to the sub-floor and start over. At some point you will have a problem with the toilet drain and having to add another ring to raise the drain.

However, if you are comfortable with the toilet drain and the additional floor height, you can put ceramic on the plywood. Make sure the plywood is screwed down tight to the floor, any spring in the floor and the grout will crack between the mosaic tiles.

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