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Flat-pack Wardrobe Wobbles

Question: I purchased a flat-pack wardrobe cabinet from my local big box home improvement center. It stands a little over 6 feet tall and is 34 inches wide and 18 inches deep. The problem is that the unit wobbles or sways from side to side. I added some extra nails to the back, because I realized that it was the only part that keeps the wardrobe square, but it still wobbles. I really don’t want to add any “L” brackets inside. Do you have any suggestions on how to stop the wobble?

Answer: The only suggestion that I can make requires that you take the flat-pack wardrobe completely apart, which I know is not a pleasant thought. Once you have it all apart and back to the original individual pieces, put it back together again but this time apply yellow carpenters glue to the edges of all the mating pieces.

Allow the glue to completely set before you open the doors to place any garments or other items in the wardrobe.

The biggest problem you will most likely face when you try to take the wardrobe apart will be removing the back. The back panel is usually pressed paper (cardboard) and it will want to rip when you try to pry the nails out. Try a small pry bar, as shown in Figure 1, and/or the use of 2 or 3 inch scrapers on each side of the nail between the cardboard and the wood edge that it is nailed into in order to pry it up.

small pry bar

Figure 1, small pry bar