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Home Safes - Protect Your Valuables - Part 2

Part 1

  1. Hollow Wall:
  2. A dummy return air grill, as shown in Figure 4, can easily be installed in a wall by cutting a out a section of drywall. A 2 x 4 should be inserted below the dummy return air grill to prevent valuables from falling to far down and being difficult to retrieve.

    Dummy return air grill

    Figure 4 - Dummy return air grill

    To access this type of valuable storage you must use a screwdriver.

    It should be noted that in-wall valuable storage alternatives will provide some protection against theft, but will not provide any protection from fire.

Purchase Alternatives:

It is important to read individual specifications thoroughly to ensure that the safe you choose provides the protection you need and desire.

Selection of safes.

  1. Freestanding Safe:
  2. A freestanding safe, as shown in Figure 5, sits on the floor and generally provides protection for theft, fire and water damage. Most come with combination locks, although some of the newer models have electronic keypad entry systems.

    Freestanding safe

    Figure 5 - Freestanding safe
  3. Floor Safe:
  4. A floor safe, as shown in Figure 6, is designed to be permanently mounted into a floor. They come in round and square models in a variety of sizes. Retrofit installation can be very difficult and expensive.

    Floor safe

    Figure 6 - Floor safe
  5. Wall Safe:
  6. A wall safe, as shown in Figure 7, is designed to be permanently mounted in a wall. Many are built so that they fit in standard 2 x 4 wall framing and are flush with the wall. The most common locations are bedroom closets. However, the flush wall units can be mounted almost anywhere and hidden with the use of a concealed hinged picture.

    Wall safe

    Figure 7 - Wall safe

    The units are available with key, combination and keypad electronic entry. A few of the latest units come with biometric, finger print, access.

  7. Lock Boxes:
  8. Lock boxes are generally used for protection against fire and water damage as well as prying eyes. As they are small and not permanently installed, they do not offer a great deal of protection against theft.

    Lock box

    Figure 8 - Lock box

    They generally provide adequate fire and water protection for personal memorabilia and important documentation that can be replaced if necessary.

  9. Look Alike Safes:
  10. Manufacturer's have created a line of safes that look like standard items that you would find in a home or apartment. The intent is that they do not look like a safe and therefore provide some protection against theft.

    One problem with the look alike safes is that they are easily accidently discarded and there have been many stories about people finding valuables that were inadvertently thrown out in garbage cans and waste dumps.

    Figure 9 is a book safe. What appears to be a book has been hollowed out to become a place where valuables can be stored.

    Figure 10 is a safe that has been made to look like a can of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail. There are numerous safes made to appear to be standard store bought products. They include food products, grooming products, cleaning products, candles and sets of DVD's.

    Figure 11 is a safe that is made by hollowing out a candle.

    Book safe

    Figure 9 - Book safe

    Fruit can safe

    Figure 10 - Fruit can safe

    Candle safe

    Figure 11 - Candle safe

    Clock safe

    Figure 12 - Clock safe

    Duplex receptacle safe

    Figure 13 - Duplex receptacle safe

    Figure 12 is a working wall clock that has space for the storage of valuables.

    Figure 13 is a look alike duplex receptacle that has an integral safe.