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Electrical Panel Warning Label For A Standby Generator

When installing a standby generator with an automatic transfer switch (ATS), it is important, for safety reasons that main disconnect switches, load centers and/or distribution panels be identified with warning labels, indicating that the panels are fed from two independent locations. The utility and a standby generator.

A serviceman working on the electrical equipment in a home or business, may believe that by turning the main breaker to the "OFF" position that all electrical power will be removed from any device or appliance in the home or business.

What will happen is that the automatic transfer switch (ATS) on sensing that there is no power past the main breaker will automatically turn-on the standby generator and provide power to those devices and appliances that are connected.

Serious injury, including death could result.

Figure 1 shows a sample label that could be mounted on all electrical distribution boxes, load centers and disconnect switches.

You are welcome to print this page on label stock and adhere the label to the necessary equipment.

electrical panel warning label for standby generator
Figure 1 - Standby generator electrical panel warning label