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Five Piping Situations Where You Need to Contact Your Local Plumber Immediately

There are several plumbing issues that most home-owners can tackle on their own, even without any prior repair experience. Low water pressure due to mineral deposits on faucets is easily addressed by cleaning aerators and showerheads regularly. Leaky sinks might need a pipe replaced, and a constantly running toilet typically simply needs a new flapper. Larger plumbing issues can sometimes wait until a plumber is available, assuming you turn off the water flow. Other problems, however, are too technical to be tackled by yourself and too urgent to delay till the next day. In cases like these, a 24-hour plumber should be called to address the issue.

The following are five situations in which you should call a plumber immediately!

1. Water Heater Leaks

The water heater is an essential part of your piping system, and ensuring it’s operating optimally should be one of your main priorities—especially if its gas powered. Regardless of your water heater’s model, it may have developed a slow but steady leak, apparently starts “sweating”, ground beneath it is wet, or it shows any signs of corrosion. It’s best to replace or repair your water heater immediately rather than wait for a flooded heater to damage your house. Similarly, if you notice the smell of gas emanating from a gas-powered heater, evacuate the area immediately and call in a professional.

2. Burst Pipe

Probably the most nightmarish of situations, a burst out pipe in the open is uncommon but is pretty hard to leave unaddressed. The average American family uses 100 gallons of water a day, so a burst pipe can flood any room with huge amounts of water. Turn off the flow of water to the pipe immediately and call in a professional from the EmergencyPlumbingSquad, day or night.

Equally time-sensitive but less obvious, a major leak in an inaccessible pipe is also a job for a professional. While it’s easy enough to replace a leaky pipe under your sink yourself, however a leaky pipe behind a wall is harder to reach and can cause considerably more damage. Be aware of sudden mold growth or damp spots, as well as any sudden changes in water flow and call in a plumber if you identify a leak somewhere you can’t reach.

3. No Water

It’s possible that one of your faucets might stop working, which is a small-scale plumbing issue. However, if there’s no water in your entire house, you likely have a much bigger problem. Firstly, check with your neighbors to see if it’s a regional problem or a water cut. If your house is the only one facing this problem, call a plumber immediately. The water line of your house may be damaged, if you experience the absence of water flow. This could result in dumping gallons of water into your yard, saturating the soil and potentially even harming your foundation. Tree roots are a common cause for damaged water mains.

In colder areas during winters, no water could be a sign of frozen pipes, which is more common but just as urgent. Improperly insulated pipes can develop leaks and even burst as they expand and contract from freezing over or thawing out. For both issues, close the main shut off valve and get a plumber to address the issue immediately.

4. Leaky Sewer Line

Your house’s sewer line carries waste water away from your house safely. Everything, from the washing machine to the toilet, relies on it. If you notice leaking wastewater or sewage smells in your yard, a leaky sewer line could be the culprit. Similarly, any backflow issues, such as sinks or toilets filling up with waste water, could be cause by an issue with your sewer line. It’s possible to locate and fix the leak yourself, but it typically requires a fair amount of heavy work and can paralyze everything in your house for days. Professional plumbers are able to use the video technology to locate the issue much more easily, saving effort and time and ultimately doing a better job.

5. Gas Leak

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, any gas piping repairs should be left to the professionals. If you notice the smell of gas, or bubbling still water, you may have a gas leak. Turn off the source if you can, open any windows and doors to dispel the gas, and evacuate the area before calling a 24-hour plumber or the gas company. They can locate the leak and make sure your gas piping is working safely.

It can be satisfying to put on out DIY clothes and tackle small plumbing issues ourselves. It saves our money, and helps us better understand the house operability. However, beyond routine maintenance, there are some urgent plumbing issues that should be exclusive for the professionals. Keep a keen eye out for the warning signs and don’t be afraid to call in a 24-hour, professional if you face with one of these situations.