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Siding and Cladding Problems

Brick Veneer

Problem: Water Penetration Through The Brick Veneer.

Cause: Inability of the wall system to shed water or to drain water from cavities.


  • Ensure that water on the face of the cladding is directed away from the building. Flashings above openings should be designed to effectively shed water away form the cladding system with adequate projection and drip edges.
  • Flashings must be installed to effectively direct water from the inside of the cavity to the outside of the cladding system. Flashings above shelf angles and base flashings must extend behind the sheathing paper on the exterior face of the sheathed frame wall. Flashing should extend continuously over the shelf angle to the exterior. The flashing should project beyond the shelf angle or brick veneer by at least 1/4 inch (5 mm) to prevent the trapping of water.
  • Weep-holes must remain clear to allow drainage of moisture accumulating in the cavity as shown in Figure 46.
Flashing At Window
Figure 46 - Flashing At Window